Remixing Absurdity

My name is Hannah, also known as Black.Rose.Authoress in the realm of Hetalia fanfiction. I'm 22, graduated from college with a B.A. in history and will be going to grad school for my M.A. in museum studies within the next few years. I'm also a homoromantic asexual. And I'm determined to kick bipolar disorder's ass. :P

I love writing, books, music, cities, museums, travelling, an intense amount of anime, Psych, Sherlock Holmes & Arsene Lupin, Welcome to Night Vale, lots of different kinds of music, Agatha Christie, Good Omens, Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil, detective fiction, Clue games, kittens and bunnies, art, anything international or historical, penguins, lobsters, dolls, Let's Play videos...

I obsess over a shit load of stuff, basically.
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